10 Businesses That Run Themselves

Businesses That Run Themselves
Hey there, lovelies! 🌸 Ever found yourself knee-deep in diapers, thinking, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to make extra cash without leaving the house?” Trust me, I’ve been there.

Between the never-ending laundry and the “Mom, she’s touching me!” complaints, it’s a miracle we get anything done, right?

But guess what? You can make money from the comfort of your home, and I’m here to spill the tea.

🍵 So grab your fave mom juice (coffee, wine, whatever floats your boat), and let’s dive into the world of making money without sacrificing those precious cuddle moments. 🤑

Why Choose a Business That Runs Itself?

Okay, so why would you even want a business that runs itself? Duh, because we’re already CEOs—of our households!

We’ve got enough on our plates, from meal-prepping to tantrum-taming. Imagine adding a 9-to-5 job to that circus. No thanks!

A self-running business is like the dream babysitter: responsible, doesn’t need supervision, and pays you! It’s the golden ticket to “me time” and financial freedom. So, why not take a shot at it? 🎯

10 Online Businesses That Run Themselves


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like being the ultimate connector. Do you know how you recommend your favourite diaper brand to all your mom’s friends?

Imagine getting paid for that! You promote products from other companies on your blog or social media and get a commission for every sale made through your unique link. It´s like one of those things “have fun and make money“.

It’s like matchmaking but for products and people. And the best part? You can choose products that you genuinely love and think will benefit others. Talk about a win-win! 🤑


Digital Products

Digital products are the epitome of “make it once, sell it forever.” Think e-books, printables, or even digital courses.

It’s like when you make a killer casserole and freeze portions for later, except these “portions” can be sold an infinite number of times. No shipping, no inventory, just pure profit. 📚


Subscription Services

Subscription services are the gift that keeps giving to you and your customers.

You provide a product or service regularly, like monthly or quarterly.

It’s like those snack boxes for kids, but it could be anything—beauty products, digital content, you name it. It’s recurring revenue, baby!


Online Courses

Got a skill that others want? Package that up into an online course! It’s like teaching a cooking class, but you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Whether knitting, budgeting, or toddler tantrum-taming, people will pay for your expertise. And the beauty is you create the course once but sell it indefinitely. 🎓



E-commerce is basically having your own online store, but it’s not just for the big players like Amazon.

You can sell anything from handmade crafts to digital downloads. It’s like having a garage sale, but online and way classier.

Unless you go the dropshipping route, you’ll need to handle inventory and shipping.

But the sky’s the limit on what you can sell. And with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, setting up shop is easier than assembling a toddler’s toy.



Dropshipping is the busy mom’s dream. Imagine this: You sell products, but you never have to stock them, pack them, or ship them.

A third-party supplier handles all the nitty-gritty. You’re basically the middleman—or middleman if you will.

All you do is set up an online store, choose products you think will sell like hotcakes, and market them.

When someone makes a purchase, your supplier ships the product directly to the customer.

It’s like hosting a party but having a caterer handle all the food and cleanup. You get the glory without the grunt work. How fab is that? 🎉



Okay, so you know how we all have those “mom moments” to share? Why not blog about it?

Blogging is like having a coffee chat with friends on a bigger scale. You can write about anything from parenting hacks to your latest Instant Pot recipe.

And you can make money through ads, sponsored posts, or even your digital products.

Plus, it’s a great way to connect with other like-minded souls. So, why not turn your rants or wisdom into some cold, hard cash?


Content Creation

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a YouTube star or the next big podcaster? Content creation is about entertaining, educating, or connecting with an audience.

You could start a YouTube channel about mom hacks, create a podcast about the ups and downs of parenting, or even start a blog with video content.

The options are endless! And the money? Once you’ve got a decent following, you can rake in cash through sponsorships, ads, and even merchandise.

Imagine getting paid to chat about the things you love. It’s like hosting a mom’s night out but getting a paycheck.


Investment Platforms

Alright, let’s talk about making your money work for you. Investment platforms are like the crockpots of the financial world.

You set it, forget it, and let your money cook over time. Whether it’s stocks, bonds, or real estate, these platforms allow you to invest your money and watch it grow.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but more of a long-term game. And let’s be honest, we’re all running the ultimate long-term game: raising decent human beings.

So why not apply that same marathon-not-a-sprint mentality to growing your wealth? It’s like planting and watching a money tree sprout over the years.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

So, you’re either a tech whiz or have one in your life (hey, we can’t all be computer geniuses, right?). Software as a Service is like the Netflix of the software world.

People subscribe and get access to software that makes their lives easier, better, or just more fun.

Imagine creating something that helps businesses manage their finances or a tool that makes meal planning a breeze for busy moms like us.

The beauty of it? You create it once, and it generates income over and over again. It’s like making a lasagna that never ends.

You’ve got to love a business that lets you earn while you’re busy with the kiddos or, you know, finally catching up on some much-needed beauty sleep. 💤🖥️

How to Create a Business That Runs Itself

Let’s spill the tea on what’s sizzling hot in the business world right now. 🍵 First off, anything online is basically gold.

We’re talking e-commerce, digital products, and online courses. Who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their own couch while binge-watching the latest reality TV drama?

E-commerce is booming. Whether niche products like eco-friendly baby gear or broader categories like fashion and home decor, if you can sell it online, you’re onto something. It’s like the modern-day gold rush but without the dirt and the pickaxes.

Digital products are another hot ticket. Think downloadable planners, e-books, or even digital art. The beauty? Zero shipping hassles. It’s like sending a text message and getting paid for it.

What about online courses? With folks stuck at home or just keen on learning new skills, online education is skyrocketing. Whether you’re teaching cooking, coding, or calligraphy, if you’ve got a skill, someone out there wants to learn it.

Now, let’s not forget the wellness industry. Essential oils, meditation apps, online yoga classes—you name it, people are gobbling it up.

So, whether you’re into selling products or offering services, there’s a high-demand online business with your name on it.

The world is your oyster, darling, so go ahead and find your pearl!

What is the Easiest Business to Own?

The easiest business to own? Well, that’s like asking which kid is easier to raise. (We all have a favourite, but we’ll never admit it.)

But if I had to pick, I’d say affiliate marketing. You’re basically the middleman—or should I say, middleman?

You promote products and get a commission for every sale through your link. It’s like recommending a good babysitter to your mom’s friends and getting paid for it.

How to Set Up an Online Business That Runs Itself?

Setting up an online business that practically runs itself is a bit like setting up a nursery—super exciting but also kind of nerve-wracking, right?

First things first, you’ve got to do your research. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a crib or a stroller without checking the reviews and maybe watching a couple of unboxing videos, would you?

Next, invest in the right tools. And no, I’m not just talking about stocking up on more coffee—though let’s be real, that helps!

I’m talking about things like a reliable website platform, maybe some marketing software, and don’t forget a solid plan. A business without a plan is like a mom without her planner—utter chaos!

Finally, once you’ve got all your ducks in a row, it’s time to launch that baby and watch it grow.
And just like with your real babies, there’ll be ups and downs, but the joy when you see it take off! 🚀 So, are you ready to give birth to your next big venture?

Businesses than run themselves (Conclusion)

Overall, the sky’s the limit when making money from home. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? 🍰

You can absolutely be a rockstar mom and a business mogul. So why not shoot for the stars?

Whether it’s dropshipping, blogging, or diving into the wellness craze, there’s a slice of the money pie just waiting for you to grab it.

Thanks so much for hanging with me through this whirlwind of ideas.

I hope you’re leaving here pumped and ready to conquer the world. You’ve got this, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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